Course Curriculum

Hey Babe! I am so excited to start this journey with you. This program is seriously my heart and soul.

I know that in the time you purchased this program until now, there has been a bit of waiting period before we actually begin. And that open space can create some doubt (which is why I did it on purpose for you - to help you shift into some breakthroughs.)

In the space of time between when you enrolled and now - there have probably been some thoughts going on in your head:

  • "Oh my gosh did I seriously just invest all that money into this program?"
  • "What if this isn't actually the training I need right now?"
  • "What if I go through all of this work and actually don't financially reach the levels I want to?"
  • "Is Lauren really the right coach for me?"

I love how open space creates these opportunities to have all our fears start to surface. These are things that I've seen time and time again in my own coaching journey. And want to know what's so cool about this? As a coach yourself, you will find your clients sometimes standing in their fear just like this moment you are having right now.

It's your job to support your client in her fear - not run from it.

Yes it's a beautiful moment for growth. I'll teach you more about this in the coaching program. But as your coach, this week I want to spend some time healing your worries around the fear you are experiencing.

Today you will get access to the course breakdown!!! (it's in this email, so keep reading.)

Your homework is to jump intothe Facebook Group for Life Coach Babe Students Only, and find the post about this (I just posted it today.) Rank these eight weeks of training in order - 1 being "I need this one the most" and 8 being "I need this one the least."

I am pretty sure this will be a struggle for you - but here's why you are doing this: As your coach - I must understand your wants and needs. (Remember that when you dive into this program and learn my secret coaching strategies!

So here it is: The Eight week breakdown!

  • Week One: Your Coaching Identity - How to brand yourself in the online space, perfecting your message and showing up as magnet for your ideal client. This week you will learn how to get real clear specific on your coaching branding so you can standout in a sea of millions.
  • Week Two: Your Ideal Client, Message, and Coaching Packages - Diving into Niche, and discovering exactly who you want to serve, and exactly what you offer. This is the week where we will explore all the different people you love helping so we can narrow in and get really focused on reaching millions with specificity. (perfect for the girl who feels she's too broad or even too specific in her messaging) You'll learn how to charge your worth, knowing what you offer, and who you offer it to.
  • Week Three and Week Four: How to Coach - These two weeks are back to back with intensive coaching strategy. You'll learn NLP coaching techniques, Human Needs Coaching, and the Presuppositions of serving a client as well as how to facilitate a breakthrough. This is really the part of our journey where I teach you how to coach someone and get them HUGE results.
  • Week Five: Sales Calls that Sell: How to be a top enroller and get people purchasing your coaching packages with ease. (How to deal with the money objection and prevent the "I can't afford it" excuse.) This is the week where I teach you how to have "Discovery Calls" to potentially enroll clients into your business. You'll learn exactly how to have a call step by step to facilitate a breakthrough and a sale for your business.
  • Week Six: Marketing Yourself Online to Attract Clients: Man is this going to be a great week! I am going to teach you - using Facebook and instagram how to market yourself online with beautiful clarity and magnetism. We are going to attract your ideal client online with EASE! (Perfect for those parts of your business where you feel like you don't know how to show up online or how to get the engagement you need online.) We will also cover vulnerability and how to go deep into your your messaging by expressing who you really are.
  • Week Seven: The Six Figure Business Plan: This week I'll teach you all about scaling for six figures - what you need to know about money management in your business as well as how to properly create a business foundation for Six Figures (and free time.) Learn how to avoid spinning your wheels around "trying all the things" and getting no where.
  • Week Eight: Running Groups, Challenges, and Masterminds: When we talk about scaling our business, we have to leverage our time for money. This means running group programs and creating free group resources that will bring people into your business. This is the week where I teach you how to grow and nuture a proper Facebook Group (where people engage like crazy), how to create group programs (that actually sell), and how to scale beyond exchanging your time for money.

This is going to be BEAUTIFUL Babe! I cannot wait to watch you grow. Okay, so again, sit with these weeks, rank them - what are you MOST excited about on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being the first thing you are super excited to learn. Here's the recap if you want to write this out or copy and paste it with ease into the Facebook Group.

  • Week One: Your Coaching Identity
  • Week Two: Your ideal client, message, and coaching packages
  • Week Three + Week Four: How to coach
  • Week Five: Sales Calls that sell.
  • Week Six: The Six Figure Business Plan
  • Week Seven: Marketing Yourself Online to Attract Clients
  • Week Eight: Running Groups, Challenges and Masterminds

I cannot wait to see what you think! The more action you take, the more brilliance will pull through in your business. It's that simple.

Love you babe. You got this.