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WIP TRIBE E-Guide Collection
Free Self Improvement Guides, An Awesome Community and the first step in finding Confidence, building happiness and creating self love.
Lauren Eliz
Broken to Beautiful 30 Day Course
Recover from that unhealthy relationship. Heal Your Heart, Grow Your Confidence, and Create a new future full of love.
Lauren Eliz
Graduates Brand New Me' 6 Week Online Course
The course for completely revamping yourself, drastically changing your life and building your self confidence. Get out of Rock-bottom today.
Lauren Eliz
Goal Digger E-Guide Bundle
The Guide for the girl who has a big goal in mind, wants to get motivated to achieve it, and is determined NOT to fail this time.
Lauren Eliz
Hello Confidence E-Guide Bundle
The system that shows you how to feel more secure with who you are, how you look and the life you live.
Lauren Eliz
Love Your Body E-Guide Bundle
The E-Guide Bundle for Helping you stay accountable on your weight-loss journey
Lauren Eliz

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