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  Welcome Note

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to Grow Like a Badass, the online 30 Day program for teaching you how to grow a strong following in the online space.

I created this program with so so much love. I used to be the girl who would try to show up on social media and talk to no one. I got zero traction creating content, was never too sure what type of content to produce, and as a result I felt like I was spinning my wheels in my business.

A while back I created a training called Crickets to Clients. It was a 2 hour training focused on helping babes learn some of the strategies on how to grow a following that I use today. The training was huge - it blew up and sold out tickets in less than 24 hours. So I knew in my heart you babes were really craving more content on this issue: How to specifically grow an audience of loyal followers who love what you do and want to hire you.

The details are in this program.

Everything you need to know.

Step by step to creating content that will shift your financial reality. How to grow that audience you crave to have.

It's all here.

Have fun Babe!