Welcome Note

Hey gorgeous! Welcome to the 30 Days to Launch Your Biz Program. I am so excited that you are here. Before we go anywhere, there are a few things I want to address.

First, you have to know by now how incredible you are. And if you don't, let me remind you. I know it can feel really challenging to grow an online business in a sea of people who are all trying to be coaches and sell network marketing products. Trust me girl - I felt very overwhelmed in the beginning too! I was constantly comparing myself to other people all of the time, questioning my value and wondering, "Can I actually do this?" -- You may feel that negative voice right now, and that's why I want to take a moment to remind you of your amazing-ness. You are incredible. Just by being here you are taking your passion seriously - and that alone is a huge big brave thing! So I have to tell you that you are amazing. Do not doubt yourself here babe and do not question your brilliance as a leader. Everything that is happening right now - the Universe sending you this gorgeous program - it is happening for a reason. You are amazing. Your soul is incredible. And you are ready for this.

Second, this program may feel overwhelming. After all, if you've been feeling overwhelmed up until now in your business, I would probably expect you to still be carrying some of that negative energy into this step. "Will this actually give me what I need?" "Is this program going to teach me anything new?" Whatever you are feeling - I'm probably safe to assume that you've tried other programs or online trainings before coming here into this program. This program is designed to remove the guess work from your life and get you clear on a list of things you have to do in order to create the big beautiful business you crave in your life.

I promise you, if you trust me, the process will be easy, fun, adventurous and happy! After all, this is a freedom business - so we get to decide what energy we bring into our biz. Choose the high vibes. Always. Choose. High. Vibes.

Finally - I want to really encourage you to play full out and show up as strong and as brightly as you can through this program. It may feel a little scary to do some of the homework's and you may find some of the exercises challenging, but just remember - I am having you dream big for a reason. Trust your heart in the process and remember there is no right or wrong answers to what you put down. You can always come and visit the Facebook group any time you have questions around your trainings. The tribe is full of amazing support and love. I know it will be fantastic for you. <3